Cruchaga lab at AAIC 2022

The Cruchaga Lab is presenting four talks and ten posters at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2022 (AAIC) in San Diego, CA. The conference will kick off on Sunday, July 31 at the Convention Center.  Workshops and preconferences will start in advance on Thursday, July 28.

The hefty work of the team is covering frontier research on genomics and functional genomics of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and related dementias.  We are stating the conference with a lecture by the AD Sequencing Project – Functional Genomics Consortium led by Dr. Carlos Cruchaga describing the integration of multi-omics layers in the xQTL project.  Followed by our recent advances on the identification of novel variants, key regulators, the dynamics of current biomarkers in several tissues (plasma, CSF and brain) and finalizing our scientific tour with a lecture on TREM2 variants implicated in AD by Dr. Yun Ju Sung. A detailed description of our presentations is as follows:
ADSP Functional Genomics: from gene, to function to mechanisms and targets by Dr. Carlos Cruchaga. August 1, 2.15-3.30pm

Pleiotropic effect of LRRK2 on Parkinson-associated proteins and processing of pathological alpha-synuclein in myeloid cells by Dr. Niko-Petteri Nykänen. August 1, 8.00-8.45am

A large-scale genome-wide association study of early-onset Alzheimer disease by Joseph Bradley, Graduate Student. August 4, 8.00-8.45am

GWAS for CSF TREM2 levels identify new variants implicated on TREM2 biology and Alzheimer disease by Dr. Yun Ju Sung. August 4, 8.00-9.15am

Posters (virtual, August 1-4):
Comparative analysis of CSF biomarker measurement in Alzheimer’s disease by multiplex SOMAscan platform and immunoassay-based ELISA approach by Jigyasha Timsina

CSF proteo-genomic studies identify an interaction between LRRK2 genetic variants and GRN, GPNMB, CTSB, and ENTPD1 by Dr. Lihua Wang

Large-scale pQTL analysis of over 3,000 CSF samples by Daniel Western

Using Amyloid PET as a biomarker to detect progression of early Alzheimer disease by Dr. Muhammad Ali

Identification of novel genetic variants and biomarkers for cognitive decline in Alzheimer disease by Dr. Muhammad Ali

Sex-specific molecular profiling to understand pathology and identify causal genes and drug targets for Alzheimer’s disease by Dr. Anh Do.

Identification of genetic regulators of human metabolites in CSF by Ciyang Wang

Genome-Wide Association Study for CSF Aβ42, Tau, and pTau in a Large Multi-cohort Study to Identify Novel AD Genetic Variants by Dr. Duber Gomez-Fonseca

Use of the human reference genome 38 enhances integration of the multi-tissue proteomics with genetics and disease by Heng Yi.

Genetic architecture of plasma Alzheimer disease biomarkers by Joseph Bradley

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