Shengmei's farewell lunch
Shengmei’s farewell
2015 ADRC team
The 2015 ADRC team
Summer party 2016
Summer party 2016
Christmas Party 2016
Christmas party 2016
Mind games at group party
Playing mind games
Yuetiva's thesis defense party
Celebration of Yuetiva’s thesis defense
Congrats Dr. Deming!
Cruchaga and Karch labs Summer 2017
Cruchaga & Karch labs summer 2017
Karch Lab Summer 2017
Summer 2017 Karch lab
Vicky's baby shower
Celebrating Vicky’s babyshower
NGI lab members Summer 2018
Summer 2018 NGI lab
NGI members at AAIC in Chicago 2018
NGI members at AAIC 2018 in Chicago
New NGI office space opening
We are growing!!! Inauguration of the new NGI office space
Big pan of paella
Delicious paella!!!!
Lab party, summer 2018
Summer party 2018