Lihua (Judy) Wang, PhD

Senior Scientist

Dr. Wang is a senior scientist with more than 10 years of experience in the extensive analyses of human genetic data, quality control of phenotype and genetic data, and bioinformatic annotation of research projects. She obtained her PhD in Medical Science from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, China in 2000 and joined Washington University in 2000 as a medical scientist. In 2011, she obtained an MS in Genetic Epidemiology from Washington University and then worked as a research statistician in Division of Statistics Genomics before joining the Cruchaga lab in 2021. She has participated in many NIH-funded grants related to blood pressure, lipids, diabetes, blood cells, kidney function, and cardiometabolic traits. She has been involved in multi-ethnic meta-analyses using 1000 genomes imputation and HRC imputation data; rare variant analyses in candidate gene resequencing of family data; causal variant identification for aging related traits using linkage and association analyses from WGS data; and alignment, variant calling, and QC of WGS data.