Thomas Marsh, MS

Graduate Student, Human and Statistical Genetics

Thomas is a PhD student in the Human and Statistical Genetics program at Washington University in St. Louis. He came to St. Louis from Montreal, Canada. He completed a BA in Honours Psychology at Concordia University and a BSc in Honours Biology at McGill University. He completed an undergraduate thesis during both his undergraduate experiences; he assessed the involvement of estrogen in heroin addiction in female rats in the laboratory of Dr. Uri Shalev at Concordia University, and he assessed the involvement of specific Zasp proteins in the flight of Drosophila melanogaster in the laboratory of Dr. Frieder Shoeck at McGill University. He then completed an MSc in Human Genetics at McGill University in the laboratory of Dr. James Engert and Dr. George Thanassoulis. During his MSc, he used haplotype analysis to better understand the genetic underpinnings of calcific aortic stenosis and other cardiovascular diseases.  His main interest is in using wet and dry lab techniques in tandem to uncover the genetic basis of neurological and psychological issues.