Fabiana Farias, PhD

Senior Scientist, Cruchaga Lab

Dr. Farias earned her PhD in Genetics from the University of Missouri by studying genetic approaches, such us GWAS and WGS, to determine the genetic causes of inherited disease in dogs. She was a postdoctoral research associate at Uppsala University for 3 years, where she worked in human and canine genetics using targeted sequencing and GWAS data. She also used Illumina and PacBio sequencing data to create a new cat genome assembly during her 2 year postdoc at Washington University. She joined Dr. Cruchaga lab on 2017 and has been working on analyzing GWAS, exome-chip, and sequencing data for multiple AD endophenotypes since. She has training in GWAS QC, imputation, and analyses. She also has strong expertise in NGS data QC and analyses, including alignment, variant calling, association analyses, and interpretation. She is responsible for GWAS and WGS data management. Fabiana is also involved in the identification of risk and protective variants for Alzheimer’s disease using quantitative endophenotypes.